Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here's to Christmas

My oldest daughter just informed me that she doesn't believe that prayer works. That makes me feel sad. Still, that probably makes God, sadder. He longs to be connected with her. It's his way of making things happen and deepening faith. But, I understand how she feels. She's had a rough year. I won't get into details, but everyone is allowed to doubt sometimes. This Christmas pray for your friends and family that need a miracle. Then, prepare to be amazed.

Here’s to Christmas,
Here’s to Christmas,
For the snow
And the Christmas tree.
For gifts to give to friends afar
And friends that live near.
For the twinkling star
That shines so bright
In the long and dark wintry night
And singing songs of cheer
For feasting our eyes
On lights that glow
That will lead us back
To the little child
That came to earth
So long ago.
I’m so glad he came.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Sparrows Plight

You feel so helpless when sad things happen to a friend. You want to help, but there's not much you can do. Recently, a friend's father died from Lou Gerrigs disease, so I prayed for her. What she needed was strength to get through. The circumstances didn't change, but prayer (and hugs and cards) helped.

Outside my bedroom window
Suspended in full view,
My grey capped friends clung to a tree,
While icy winds blew.

As I gazed at the heap of whiteness
That grew as a misty veil,
My feathered friends hung on tight.
They didn’t dare to fail.

How I longed to open wide my door
And usher the company in.
How I longed to still the frantic wind
And be their champion.

But they had no need to follow me
I could not ease their plight.
So, I asked the one far greater than I
To, give them strength that night.