Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Winds

Today, I sit nervously at home wondering how my son did on his job interviews. He left this morning with a new short hair cut, new leather shoes, a new blue shirt and pants. I prayed for him as he sat in the car and then I waved him off. It's scary to see your kids grow up. And yet, so gratifying. A new season has begun.

When March arrives
She turns the sheets
And scrubs and polishes
To make things neat.
Then sweeping her house
With a giant broom
She washes the gray
For buds to bloom.
How nice of March
To come and clean
Her lovely house
Back into green.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I felt inspired to write a poem last night after I read a story of a woman lending a hand to two small girls. There's something so rewarding about helping someone else. It must be the smiles that you get in return. Enjoy!

In the middle of a rush of a busy afternoon,
Two tiny girls walked hand in hand singing a tune.
With smiles on each face and wearing pretty dresses
Their dark, brown eyes shone beneath curly tresses.
Suddenly, a shoelace of one girl became undone,
To cause tears of alarm that it would end their fun.
For shoelace tying is tricky for tiny girls of five.
And it seemed that no help for them would arrive.
A woman in a business suit rushed over to lend a hand
And kneeling on pavement she tied the shoelace strand.
As she whispered words of cheer on bended knee,
The lace was tied in a bow as neat as could be.
Smiling, the stranger watched the girls skip down the road
So glad that she had stooped to lighten up their load.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your Smile

Valentine is over, but don't you agree that a smile goes a long way. Here's something I wrote for my husband over a year ago. It's still relevant today.

If I were paid a penny
each time you gave a smile,
I'd be the richest woman
amasing quite a pile.
I'm thankful that I married
a man in my father's mold.
Hardworking, honest, caring
It's love that's purest gold.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Decorating

Have you started spring cleaning yet? Out with dirt and in with clean. Notice how mildew settles in around the window. Yuck. It's time to use vinegar. While you're at it, think about yucky things in your life that is preventing you from feeling clean inside. Like unforgiveness, anger or jealousy. Then get rid of that too. You won't regret it.

Winter leaves its frosty feet
At the doorway with a sigh.
While tree branches sweep the cobwebs
From the silver sky.
In steps gentle lamb with fleeces
Silky, soft and mellow.
And decorates the house with a splash
Of pink and yellow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keep the Boy Inside of You

My dad turned 76 years young this past month. He's in Florida right now enjoying the sunshine with my mom. They meet up with other retired folks every winter and from what I hear have a lot of fun. I wrote my dad a poem for his birthday. It's the least I could do for a dad who never complains about anything, is content with life and has given me so much.

There's still a boy inside of you
Enjoying life through and through.
He's a lad full of wonders
About things hid from view.

What to others seem dull and old
You find treasure to behold.
And from your lad you quickly learn
All that's good and true.

He gives your eyes power to see
How life is meant to be
Your days are more glorious cause' you kept
That boy inside of you.