Thursday, January 28, 2010

The wind and the lion

It's very cold once again in Ontario. We've experienced a few spring like days but winter is back. I felt the winds blow through the cracks of our house and feel thankful for shelter. There are open fields behind our house and as I watched the white snow blow about like steam coming off the ocean I put together this poem. If you're looking forward to spring as I am, remember that God has given us the earth and the sky, the sun and the wind, the snow and the rain. Let's enjoy all he has given us in the moment.

I look out onto the fields and see a lion.
He's roaring with a mighty blast.
I watch him lean back and crouch
And jump through the air smooth and fast.

Suddenly, the lion slaps the air and laughs.
He sees me hiding inside.
I shiver and feel exhilarated with his speed
And the strength and width of his stride.

As his snowy mane whips about his face
His giant paws, makes not a sound.
Swiftly, he tramples the grass so it lays flat
All the while whistling a tune deep and profound.

Then just as icicles form on the branches
Of trees that bow as he passes by,
The silvery sky opens and the sun begins to shine
Causing the lion to run away with a sigh.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Smile

My good friend from high school visited me on the weekend and we had a lot of fun laughing and smiling about silly things. My kids see a different side of me when we get together. What I like about my friend is that she smiles a lot even though she has had a difficult time in the last few years. Her son and my son enjoyed hanging out together, too. I saw a lot of ourselves in them. It made me think of how dull life would be if we couldn't smile. Isn't it wonderful God gave us the ability to smile and laugh.

Like bread without jam
or fried eggs without ham.
Like a house without doors
or a grandpa that snores.
Like a ship without sails
or a beach without pails
and no sand found for miles
is a face without smiles.

Like a school without blocks
or doors without locks.
Like a nest without eggs
under tall ostrich legs.
Like a clock with no chime
that can't tell the time,
is a face that won't smile
even once in a while.

Like spahgetti without sauce
or a small dog that's cross.
Like a bird without song
or nights that lasts long
is how people would feel
If none gave a smile that's real
For the smile on each face
is what brighten's the place.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What is Yellow

When I talk with young kids the question often asked is, what is your favorite color. Although I like all color I always say yellow. Yellow goes with everything. Getting along with people is important, too. Instead of trying to get your way by losing your temper or getting depressed use a quieter approach. There is a story of three big men, who tried to push a donkey through a gateway, but the stubborn donkey wouldn't budge. A little girl held out a carrot and the donkey followed her. The moral here is a little patience and encouragement does wonders.

Yellow is buttercups
Dancing in the breeze.
Yellow is friendship
And autumn leaves.

Yellow is a party
And chocolate sauce.
Yellow is banana
And candy floss.

Yellow is a crayon
We can’t do without.
Yellow gives courage
To sing and shout.

Yellow is peaches
And cream on top.
Yellow is pie
At the coffee-shop.

Yellow is glad.
Yellow is strong.
Yellow is sunshine
All day long.

Yellow is the fur
Of a brand new chick.
Yellow is the light
On a candle wick.

Yellow is a tiger's eye
In the twilight hour.
Yellow is shocking
With its power.

Yellow is clean
And lemon soap.
Yellow is springtime’s
Dash of hope.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Smile

It's a new year and a perfect time to wish everyone a great year. But if things don't go as planned remember there is One who is with us in everything we do, to help us, to comfort and to guide us each and every day.

My wish for you is health and strength
All through the year two thousand and ten.
I hope you'll be happy in all that you do
And you'll want for nothing again.
But if some things turn sour for you,
What good will moaning and groaning do?
Life will be kinder if you give a smile
Just smile till things turn better for you.