Friday, August 29, 2008


Did you know that there is a purpose for everything on our planet? Even something as simple as grass. Today, in between getting my kids ready for college, I thought about grass. I suppose with all the rain we've been having this summer, I've noticed it more. So, here's what I came up with.

There are many good reasons
Why God made grass.
It’s a soft floor to walk on
And smooth as glass.

It’s a great place to hide in
For bugs you can’t see
And a cushion for children
When skinning a knee.

It’s breakfast and supper
For animals to munch
And a soft place to sit on
For a fine picnic lunch.

It compliments all flowers
Like yellow and pink
And holds tender dewdrops
For creatures to drink.

It binds earth together
And keeps dirt away
When spring melts and water
Are coming our way.

It’s a soft bed to lie on
And gaze in the sky.
It's a place to dream dreams
While clouds float on by.

I’m so glad God made grass
And He colored it green.
If He made it snow white
It would be hard to keep clean.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Something to Remember

Have you ever had one of those days, where you have lots to do, but can't remember what? Here's a thought to ponder.

A thought came to my mind today
Then, as quick as it came, it went away.
Oh what anguish to me this brings
When I can’t remember important things.

Still, there's one thing I must not forget
That God loves me and wants me to let,
His love flow through me in loving ways
As a gift of heart felt thanks and praise!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Television Blues

To write this poem, I asked myself the question "What if". Then I added a few exaggerations. I hope it makes you smile.

It began as a night like any other
Watching TV with sister and brother.
Watching show after show until
The picture tube went dark and still.
Like statues we just sat and stared
Except for John who looked scared
Then his face turned a shade of ghastly blue
“Without TV what will we do?”
Then sister Sue’s face turned green
The likes of it I’ve never seen.
Minutes before she had laughed out loud
Now gloom draped her like a cloud.
“But who will teach us how to think,
With television on the blink!
Who’ll entertain us we need to know!
Who’ll help shape our minds to grow?”
“Why don’t we play a game or two?”
I said while glancing at my shoe.
Then Sue and John stared hard at me
“You mean like a regular family.”
I nodded twice before I could blink,
Then added to that quick as a wink.
“Isn’t that how kids once had played
Before TV took that away.”
Then a look of hope came to their eyes
I admit it came as quit a surprise.
“We do have a lot of toys and games
Like, clue and scrabble and other names.”
The rest of the night we played together
My sister Sue and John my brother.
Laughing until our sides were split
Not minding that the TV quit.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Troubles and Peace

When we trust in Jesus many of life's troubles are easier to bare. Here's a poem that I hope will help put your troubles in perspective. Which we all have plenty of.

Sometimes we think the world is wrong
there's so much talk of strife.
It seems that troubles never leave
it consumes our daily life.
Each morning when the sun is rising
we waken from our sleep.
After catching up on all the news,
we run about like sheep.
We have places to go and schedules to keep
of this we can't deny.
There's no time to marvel of mysteries
or gaze into the sky.
But if we breathe words of praise to God,
He'll take our worries away.
And we thank Him for blessings that we have
we'll have a wonderful day.