Wednesday, September 16, 2009

God Cares for the Birds

I've always loved birds. We can learn so much from their careful, yet carefree ways. Here's a poem I have written and rewritten many times. I think it's finally ready to be revealed. If you are a worrier, take note.

I’ve never noticed sparrows
Building barns for food to store.
They never fret or worry much
About the day before.

I’ve never noticed robins
Basking idle in the sun.
They do their work happily
Until the day is done.

I’ve never heard the cardinals
Gripe about their food.
They’re always singing merrily
And never something rude.

I’ve never noticed calling doves
Fuss if they should fall.
Each day they gather with their friends
And cheer each one and all.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Daughter

The eleventh of September may be a sad day to remember for the world, but it's a happy one for me because that's the day my daughter was born. She's now 18 and I would like to share the poem I wrote for her.

Daughter, there’s something about you
That means so very much.
Could it be your laughter and quiet voice?
Or, the magic in your touch.

How we love our brown-eyed beauty.
You’re an angel in disguise.
You know just how to make us laugh,
With that twinkle in your eyes.

Though you try hard not to be noticed
You rise above the rest.
How we love the freckles on your cheeks.
We think you are the best.

With your knack of creating unique things
We love your sense of style.
And though you’re not the neatest child
Your creations make us smile.

And now we wish for you this day
A happy day to, remember.
A day of peace and happiness
On the eleventh of September.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


School started and we are back in routine. Sigh! I can't say I was desperately waiting for this day, but now that's it's here, I'm thankful for it. My youngest started highschool and was a little anxious about his first day. One of his teachers gave her students a welcome treat. She put cookies in a plastic bag with a verse attached to it. "Remember what I commanded you to be strong and brave. Don't be afraid, because the Lord your God will be with you everywhere you go." Joshua 1:9.
How comforting to know he'll have a teacher that trusts in God. To start this new season, I've put together a prayer poem.
Dear God, I need you more every day,
More than words can really say.
I need your strength for I am weak.
Your strength is what I should seek.
I need your hope when things go wrong.
To fill my soul with a happy song.
I need your love so I can live,
And faith that only you can give.