Friday, February 10, 2012

Stork Story

If you're feeling old have I got a poem for you. I've recently become a great aunt. My brother had the honor of becoming a grandfather. I chose this poem because I enjoy Shel Silverstein. He's too funny. And kids really love his books. I have several. They make me laugh out loud and have an element of whimsy knit through it that borders on brilliance. Though Shel Silverstein died a few years ago, his words will live on for a long time, I suspect. 
I hope you enjoy this poem.

Stork Story

You know the stork brings babies,
But did you also know
He comes and gets the older folks
When it's their time to go?

Zooms right down and scoops them up,
Then flaps back out the door
And flies them to the factory where
They all were made before.

And there their skin is tightened up,
Their muscles all are toned,
Their wrinkles all are ironed out,
They're given brand-new bones.

Ol' bent backs are straghtened up,
New teeth are added too,
Tired hearts are all repaired
And made to work like new.

Their memeories are all removed
And they're shrunk down, and then
The stork flies them back down to earth
As newborn babes again.

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