Saturday, September 20, 2008


We have not been created by God to wander about on this earth confused about the meaning of life. Instead, God wants to give us life and to give it abundantly. I'm so glad Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He not only came to lead the way, but to help us every day.

The good shepherd knows the sheep that are his
He guides them gently too.
They follow him where-ever he goes
As trusting sheep will do.

At night the good shepherd guards his flock
And leads them all by day.
And when he gently calls their name
They trust his voice and obey.

Each day the good shepherd feeds his sheep
And tends to the weak and lame.
With his staff he protects and keeps
And loves them all the same.

And if a lamb should lose its way
Out on the hills to roam,
He seeks and holds the lamb in his arms
And brings it safely home.

We are like sheep that have gone astray
Out in the world so cold
And Jesus our shepherd keeps calling our name,
Until, we’re safe in His fold.

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