Sunday, October 5, 2008


It makes us laugh to watch a movie where everything goes wrong. But if it happens in real life it's not fun at all. Sometimes, it's just a matter of putting things into perspective.

It all started at breakfast
When I broke my favorite cup
And juice dripped on the floor
Mom made me clean it up.
At school I had a spelling test
I stumbled on each letter.
Later I noticed a giant hole
In my new blue sweater
At recess I was chosen last for tag
I fell and skinned my knee.
My friends ate a bag of jellybeans
But wouldn’t share with me.
On the way home I stepped in a puddle
My shoes got soaking wet.
For supper Mom served meatloaf
Knowing it’s not my favorite.
Later that night I lay in bed thinking
Wondering if I had a curse.
Then I recalled the news I saw on TV
Na—things could’ve been worse.

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