Saturday, March 21, 2009


I felt inspired to write a poem last night after I read a story of a woman lending a hand to two small girls. There's something so rewarding about helping someone else. It must be the smiles that you get in return. Enjoy!

In the middle of a rush of a busy afternoon,
Two tiny girls walked hand in hand singing a tune.
With smiles on each face and wearing pretty dresses
Their dark, brown eyes shone beneath curly tresses.
Suddenly, a shoelace of one girl became undone,
To cause tears of alarm that it would end their fun.
For shoelace tying is tricky for tiny girls of five.
And it seemed that no help for them would arrive.
A woman in a business suit rushed over to lend a hand
And kneeling on pavement she tied the shoelace strand.
As she whispered words of cheer on bended knee,
The lace was tied in a bow as neat as could be.
Smiling, the stranger watched the girls skip down the road
So glad that she had stooped to lighten up their load.

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