Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just do it

I saw him standing in the rain.
His eyes were filled with fright.
He looked so cold and lonely
In the blackness of the night.

I tried to think of pleasant things
As I hurried down the lane.
I paused to listen to my feet
Dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.

His ragged arms so shamelessly
Held a dish, chipped and frayed
I glanced and saw his broken eyes
I paused, then rushed on by, afraid.

Oh why had he been standing there
It made me feel so sad.
Still, the party at my sisters
Would make me feel so glad.

This weekend the world summit is being held right here in Canada. I watched the news and heard about all the protests going on in Toronto. That got me to thinking. We need to notice people that others overlook. It's so easy to do that because most people tend to gravitate towards people who can offer them something in return or make them feel good so they can move ahead. We all want to be connected to the stars of life. But really, didn't God create all people with the same need to be loved and appreciated. It's universal. That includes women in poor countries that don't have adequate health care when they give birth. Or, children that go hungry either because there is no food or they don't have proper parenting. There are so many people that suffer in this world because no one cares about them. But if we want to make a difference in how people are treated we need to start in their own backyard. Take a look around you. There might be someone that needs a helping hand or a word of encouragement. Don't think too long about it though. Just do it.

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