Monday, July 12, 2010


Have you ever started the day wishing you could stay in bed and not bother with anyone? Sometimes I feel like that. Usually the best remedy for fixing that problem for me is to ignore that feeling, get out of bed and keep moving. Soon, bad feelings disappear and you feel great again. Move your body, move your brain, speak positive words and soon negative feelings are drowned out. It's really up to us.

Today I will laugh more
Not take life so seriously.
I'll throw out garments of fear
I’ll wear clothes of simplicity.
Today I’ll run through the rain
Feel raindrops on my face.
And later I’ll count the stars
From inside my hiding place
Today I’ll stop and listen
Consider the words of a friend
And if we have a conflict of view
I know our joy won’t end.
For friendships will grow sweeter
When kindness is given a chance
And watered with the passage of time
That starts and ends with a dance.