Friday, September 17, 2010

Faith is a Candle

A family friend gave us a movie to watch on the weekend. Entitled 'The Third Jihad', I found it quite disturbing. It didn't have a religious agenda from any group against another group. Rather, it was a documentary type of movie, narrated by a Muslim physician living and working in the USA warning viewers of dangers to come in the future for all democratic countries. He cares about his fellow Muslim believers and is distressed by the brainwashing that is happening to many of them by their fanatical leaders.
I'm posting a poem written by Helen Steiner Rice many years ago that is still relevant today. Hope it helps in wondering what to do about this frightful situation of hatred.

In this sick world of hatred
And violence and sin,
Where men renounce morals
And reject discipline,
We stumble in darkness
Groping vainly for light
To distinguish the difference
Between wrong and right,
But dawn cannot follow
This night of despair
Unless faith lights a candle
In all hearts everywhere
And warmed by the glow
Our hate melts away
And love lights the path
To a peaceful, new day.

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