Friday, November 11, 2016

The Power of Prayer

Recently, I watched the movie entitled, "The War Room". It's a well written story about a married couple whose marriage in in trouble and how prayer was applied in order to save it. If you haven't seen it you can buy it on DVD. It's well worth it and covers many biblical principals for Christian believers. I am a Christian and not ashamed of it. In fact, I don't understand how people can get through life without the presence of God. He is real and wants to have a relationship with us. Having said that, there is also an evil presence in the world that will do everything possible to thwart us from having that relationship. The devil, named Satan, is very real, too. And the devil does not like it when we pray. I've written a prayer that you might like to read or, to pray out loud. No matter what you are going through, whether you feel temptation to do wrong, are feeling sad or lonely, or just thankful, it's always a good time to pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Every day you shower me with blessings. Some days I notice them and some days I don't. Forgive me Lord for taking you for granted. You are a light for my path and for the journey I must travel here on earth. Knowing this gives me hope. Hope that I can start over. You tell me in the scriptures that nothing can come between me and your love. Not even my sins. In Jesus, I have forgiveness of sin. Thank you for the gift of salvation. And thank you for each person in my life. They are part of my life because you have placed them there. Their presence weaves through my day like tapestry. Our paths crisscross for a reason and some will encourage me and others I must encourage. Help me to treat all people as I would want to be treated.

I have many things to be thankful for but, I also have things that are difficult and unpleasant. I give you my concerns knowing that you will give me peace. And to show appreciation of this peace, remind me to forgive those that have hurt me and to humbly ask for forgiveness from those I have hurt. For it is only when I humble myself and forgive that you will hear me. May your will be done in the world, in my country, in my community and in my life. But no matter what happens thank you for the simple things in life. May you be glorified in my home and meals and conversation that I share with others. The ordinary events of my day become special because you are in it.

In all these things I pray in Jesus' name.


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