Friday, January 2, 2009


No one likes it when plans have shifted. After coming home from a mini-vacation at Lake Placid, we found our fence and the pool deck ripped out by strong winds. The deck lay folded inside the pool. Thankfully, a friend came by with a tractor and pulled it out. What would we do without dear friends. I wrote two poems this morning and hope they inspire you. Now that 2009 is upon us, let's look forward to fresh new ideas to inspire our writing.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned
And life goes a different way.
For just as a tree, strong winds strike
And cause our plans to sway.
Sometimes we can swing along
And find a new direction.
Other times we've gained great insight,
And time for deep reflection.

On the last day of December, a huge flock of robins sat in a tree next to my house with two feet of snow all around. What were they thinking!

The Robins Song-

I heard the robins sing,
On the last day of December.
It was the strangest thing
That I can remember.
I wondered what to do.
Had they changed their diet-
Was their map askew-
Still, I thought them brave to try it.

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