Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Are you enjoying the winter? I suppose if you like skiing, tobogganing or building snowmen then you're enjoying it very much. If you find snow shoveling the only sport you seem to do, well I want to remind you that spring is just around the corner. So, hang in there. There's still more dreaming to do until spring.

I begin to shovel the driveway,
Snow is falling like confetti
Only I’m not celebrating,
And there’s no reason to smile.

As mounds of snow grow into hills
My mind drifts upwards like a cloud.
For a moment the world's at war
And I have to dig my way out.

The snow that I toss, mocks me.
I can hear it in the silence.
But I won’t let it defeat me,
Cause I won’t be the one melting.

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