Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Kayla!

What nicer way to make a child smile than to write her a poem. For my neice's 6th birthday I mailed her a home made card. Inside was a poem that I had written. And to make it extra special I added pictures that I had drawn of Kayla to colour. I'm told Kayla laughed about the poem and she coloured the pictures right away. As the giver, I think I got more out of this than anyone.

When Kayla turned one
She sang in the sun.
When Kayla turned two
She played the kazoo.
When Kayla turned three
She swam in the sea.
When Kayla turned four
She danced on the floor.
When Kayla turned five
She learned how to dive.
But now that Kayla’s six
She eats banana splits.

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