Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is Christmas

Recently, my husband and I spent a week's vacation in Cuba celebrating our 25th anniversary. I found Cubans friendly and eager to please. They lead simple lives and are paid by the government for their work. If they want to make extra money there are rules they need to follow. Still, visitors can easily be taken advantage of. While going through customs the ticket agent offered us roomier seats on the plane for 30 peco's (almost 34.00). He must have seen from my passport that I didn't travel much. What he didn't know was that God had already planned where I was going to be seated. We refused his offer and he lost some easy money. (I'm sure we would have gotten the same seats if we accepted his offer). I on the other hand met and talked with people that God wanted me to meet. It was wonderful. A word of encouragement, don't let your fears ruin God's plan for you.

Christmas is music
And carol singing,
And chimes of the bells
ringing, ringing.

Christmas is bright lights
On evergreen trees,
And candles in windows
That say, “Come in please”.

Christmas is welcome
A wreath on the door.
And hearts over flowing
With love for the poor.

Christmas is laughter
That starts in your toes.
And bubbles till it reaches
The tip of your nose.

Christmas is fragrance
The spruce and the pine
And fruitcake and puddings
That, taste so divine.

Christmas is giving
Gifts made by hand
And all given with love
Whether small or grand.

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