Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today was a great day. I read my new book "The Angel's Message" to a group of children at the local library.What an honor that was. It was a great experience and the staff was wonderful, too. I feel very blessed. After supper I wrote this little poem. If you wonder why I chose to write about sleep I'll have to be honest and say I'm not sure why. It could be because I didn't sleep well night last night. Too excited about today. Anyways, here's a parting thought to think about. Proverbs 19:23 Fear of the Lord gives life, security, and protection from harm.

When I can’t sleep and it’s time for bed
I wait for stories to enter my head.
Stories that take me far and away,
To unusual lands to play all day.
And there I will dream with the wind in my hair.
And I’ll float on clouds without worry or care.
And if monsters try to steal a glad song,
I'll tell them a secret and they’ll soon run along.
And if a storm cloud enters my dream,
I’ll smile and offer a dish of ice cream.
And if I’m challenged to climb a high wall,
I’ll find a ladder that’s ten feet tall.
Then I'll open my eyes and give thanks for the day
And wish all a good blessing in the merriest way.


Picture kitchen studio said...

Looks like a book to me!LOL
Diane, this poem is a little delight- thanks for sharing it:)

Diane Smit said...

Thank you Kim! Your illustrations are a delight for me.