Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maintenance Love

In the hum of everyday life there's a chance something might go wrong in our day. But isn't it nice when someone loves you enough to increase the chances you'll have a wonderful day. Think about love and what it means for a moment. Sure there's the tender side when we snuggle with and read to our kids and the romantic side we share with our special someone. And of course there's friendship love, but maintenance love is like oil in the hinges and keeps everything running smooth. I sure like maintenance love. It's sensible.

There's a kind of love called maintenance,
Which makes sure there's gas in the car-
Which shovels the walk before any one's up
And saves parking money in a jar.

Maintenance prepares for emergencies,
By checking the atlas to find the right way,
And tells funny jokes so all feel at ease
When traffic is packed the third time that day.

For maintenance is the sensible side of love
And checks important dates so not to forget
To pay the insurance before it expires
And researches flyers so none will fret.

Maintenance checks for the need to grout
Before waters drips through the floor at night.
For love can be found in mortar and brick
And safeguards it with all its might.

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