Friday, March 26, 2010

Make Butter

I came across a story or a fable about two frogs that had fallen into a barrel of cream. They both struggled awhile trying to get out, but the cream was thick and soon one frog gave up. "Good bye cruel world," he said as he sank into the creamy ocean. The other frog kept on swimming. "Maybe a miracle will happen and I'll find a way out," he said to himself. Can you guess what happened? As the frog churned his arms and legs the cream became thicker and thicker until butter was formed. The frog climbed onto a lump of butter and jumped out of the barrel. He was free at last.
I thought of how our lives are a lot like these frogs. Sometimes it's easier to give up as the first frog had done when we are confronted with a problem. From the frogs point of view it sure looked like his situation was hopeless. The second frog looked at things differently though, and he never gave up trying to get out. He didn't even know if he'd receive a miracle, but thankfully his efforts were rewarded. He kept on trying until his circumstances changed. I liked this story and I hope you do too.

Two little frogs in a barrel of cream
Swimming with all their might.
One stopped swimming and so he sank
Into the cream, out of sight.

The other little frog said to himself,
"A miracle might pass my way."
He churned his legs til' butter was formed
And he jumped out to freedom that day.

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