Monday, April 5, 2010

The Search for God

A game my kids loved to play when they were young was 'hide and seek'. It gave them hours of fun. It was a good game for developing patience and searching skills. This weekend I read an article in our paper entitled "The Search for God" that tried to explain why some people put faith into a god that no one can see. It stated some schools of thought believe some people may be hardwired to believe in God. They might have what is called a God spot on the brain. It also mentioned Dr. Richard Dawkins, an atheist and author of 'The God Delusion' who had spoken at Oxford University on why there is no God. At the end of his talk he was asked "What if you're wrong?" by a young student. Instead of giving an answer he gave the same question in reply. Not the most brilliant answer from a brilliant man.
One thing I know is that life hold many mysteries we can't fully understand. It also appears that the higher a person climbs the academic ladder of success the more prideful they become in themselves. But if God is who He said He is then their achievements are small potatoes in comparison. It must be frustrating for those exceptionally bright people to compete with God. It's interesting that humbleness has been the formula God uses in revealing Himself to us. He first appeared as a babe in a cow's feeding troth. Then he grew up as a carpenter's son making wooden tables and chairs. After wandering around the country side with a motley crew of simple and rough men as followers, he died a criminals death in front of his enemies while they mocked Him.
I got to thinking. I have a God spot on my brain. It was built in when God designed me. God wanted me to search for and to find Him. And He gave a lot of clues to help in the search. But the amazing thing is He did the same for Richard Dawkins. For all of us really. It's just too bad Richard Dawkin's Pride spot grew larger than his God spot.

Jesus claimed to the Son of God
Yet, they nailed Him to a tree.
Then flower blossoms of love and hope
Grew from the blood He shed for me.