Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sabine Sicaud-gifted child poet

The Little Pebbles Song

They think he's silent. Me, I know he's singing,
singing beside the path his little pebble song.
But since he sings so softly, people really
have no idea...
Did he learn in the stream, or on the brooklet's dam,
the flowing waters' secrets? Or did he learn, along the
road, the secrets of creatures passing on their way?

by-Sabine Sicaud

I really enjoyed this poem. When I researched the author I appreciated it even more.

Sabine Sicaud was born in France to loving parents. At eleven years of age, Sabine won a poetry contest and at thirteen years of age she had a poetry book published.

She would be considered gifted in today's world. Sadly, two years later in 1928, she died of a mysterious illness (they now know it as Osteomyelitis). Many of her  poems speak of her journey, first as a curious child, and then later during her illness.

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