Friday, August 29, 2008


Did you know that there is a purpose for everything on our planet? Even something as simple as grass. Today, in between getting my kids ready for college, I thought about grass. I suppose with all the rain we've been having this summer, I've noticed it more. So, here's what I came up with.

There are many good reasons
Why God made grass.
It’s a soft floor to walk on
And smooth as glass.

It’s a great place to hide in
For bugs you can’t see
And a cushion for children
When skinning a knee.

It’s breakfast and supper
For animals to munch
And a soft place to sit on
For a fine picnic lunch.

It compliments all flowers
Like yellow and pink
And holds tender dewdrops
For creatures to drink.

It binds earth together
And keeps dirt away
When spring melts and water
Are coming our way.

It’s a soft bed to lie on
And gaze in the sky.
It's a place to dream dreams
While clouds float on by.

I’m so glad God made grass
And He colored it green.
If He made it snow white
It would be hard to keep clean.

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