Monday, August 18, 2008

Television Blues

To write this poem, I asked myself the question "What if". Then I added a few exaggerations. I hope it makes you smile.

It began as a night like any other
Watching TV with sister and brother.
Watching show after show until
The picture tube went dark and still.
Like statues we just sat and stared
Except for John who looked scared
Then his face turned a shade of ghastly blue
“Without TV what will we do?”
Then sister Sue’s face turned green
The likes of it I’ve never seen.
Minutes before she had laughed out loud
Now gloom draped her like a cloud.
“But who will teach us how to think,
With television on the blink!
Who’ll entertain us we need to know!
Who’ll help shape our minds to grow?”
“Why don’t we play a game or two?”
I said while glancing at my shoe.
Then Sue and John stared hard at me
“You mean like a regular family.”
I nodded twice before I could blink,
Then added to that quick as a wink.
“Isn’t that how kids once had played
Before TV took that away.”
Then a look of hope came to their eyes
I admit it came as quit a surprise.
“We do have a lot of toys and games
Like, clue and scrabble and other names.”
The rest of the night we played together
My sister Sue and John my brother.
Laughing until our sides were split
Not minding that the TV quit.

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