Thursday, August 7, 2008

Troubles and Peace

When we trust in Jesus many of life's troubles are easier to bare. Here's a poem that I hope will help put your troubles in perspective. Which we all have plenty of.

Sometimes we think the world is wrong
there's so much talk of strife.
It seems that troubles never leave
it consumes our daily life.
Each morning when the sun is rising
we waken from our sleep.
After catching up on all the news,
we run about like sheep.
We have places to go and schedules to keep
of this we can't deny.
There's no time to marvel of mysteries
or gaze into the sky.
But if we breathe words of praise to God,
He'll take our worries away.
And we thank Him for blessings that we have
we'll have a wonderful day.

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Jennifer Gladen said...

Beautiful Poem, Diane!! You are so talented.
There's a fun little thing going around the blogging world called The Brilliante Weblog Premerio 2008 Award. It's basically designed to point our interesting blogs. We can nominate up to 7 blogs and with your beautiful poetry, I had to pick yours as one.

You can learn more about it on my blog: