Friday, July 10, 2009

Early Morning Drive

I drove my son to his work this morning. His calf muscles were still sore from the muscle spasm he received upon waking. Here are some of my thoughts on the drive home.

Early this morning as I drove along
The sun began to rise.
I watched it pass through a misty veil
A most delightful surprise.

Suddenly, a deer ran swiftly across.
It bounded in front of me.
As I continued along the country lane
I thought of this mystery.

How the earth somehow belongs to them
We are but passing through.
The creatures of forest are free to play
While we have jobs to do.

How the things of earth are so beautiful,
And change not, no matter the age.
The sun still rises to mark each day
Without empathy or rage.

Though the ways of life are a mystery
Earth’s gifts are freely given.
They cannot be taken or hidden away.
These gifts are sent from heaven.

The fragrant air and the evergreen pines
Is home to many a creature.
Rabbits and pheasants, frogs and snails
Remains its favorite feature.

And at each turning of the road
What joy it was to find,
Another delight awaiting my eyes.
All gifts I had to leave behind.

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