Monday, July 6, 2009

Friends are like Flowers

Friends make the world a nicer place. We can all agree with that. Like most people we tend to make friends with people that have similar views on life and that understand our strengths and weaknesses. I certainly need to have friends to accept me as I am. My plan for today is to remember the good friendships from the past and to reconnect. Who knows, I might be in for a lovely surprise.

Like flowers in the garden
Next to the grassy lawn,
Good friends are not forgotten.
Their memory lingers on.

And though they fade for just a time
Should autumn bring the frost,
Flowers tended with loving care
Can never be truly lost.

Time can't change or alter its glow.
Flowers brighten the path we take.
Just knowing a friend walks by your side
Heals many a grief and ache.

Though flowers fade and come to an end,
Are different in size and hue,
How lonely the path of life would be
If no flowers grew for you.

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