Saturday, January 9, 2010

What is Yellow

When I talk with young kids the question often asked is, what is your favorite color. Although I like all color I always say yellow. Yellow goes with everything. Getting along with people is important, too. Instead of trying to get your way by losing your temper or getting depressed use a quieter approach. There is a story of three big men, who tried to push a donkey through a gateway, but the stubborn donkey wouldn't budge. A little girl held out a carrot and the donkey followed her. The moral here is a little patience and encouragement does wonders.

Yellow is buttercups
Dancing in the breeze.
Yellow is friendship
And autumn leaves.

Yellow is a party
And chocolate sauce.
Yellow is banana
And candy floss.

Yellow is a crayon
We can’t do without.
Yellow gives courage
To sing and shout.

Yellow is peaches
And cream on top.
Yellow is pie
At the coffee-shop.

Yellow is glad.
Yellow is strong.
Yellow is sunshine
All day long.

Yellow is the fur
Of a brand new chick.
Yellow is the light
On a candle wick.

Yellow is a tiger's eye
In the twilight hour.
Yellow is shocking
With its power.

Yellow is clean
And lemon soap.
Yellow is springtime’s
Dash of hope.