Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Betrayal

The Easter story is the greatest story ever told. All the events leading up to it, such as the creation, the fall of mankind, and mankinds constant rebellion against God makes the Easter story the climax. This story is about atonement, redemption, and forgiveness. Yet, as Jesus prayed in the garden that night, He who was one with God knew what would take place in the coming hours. And Jesus as man knew how much it would cost. Amazing. Happy Easter.

In the Garden of Gethsemane
It was dark and still.
There, Jesus prayed in agony
To do his fathers will.

Not far away the disciples lay
Fast asleep on the grass.
Now knowing the cup of suffering
Jesus would soon pass.

Suddenly, torches burning bright
Burst through the olive trees.
Guards with clubs and men with swords
Swept through the garden with ease.

Then Judas the traitor came towards Jesus
And kissed Him on the cheek
Yet, when the soldiers took Jesus away
Not a word would he speak.

As the leaders churned among themselves
To conspire and to lie,
With wringing hands they looked for a way
To condemn Jesus to die.

Throughout the jeering He said not a word.
Like a sheep He was brought away.
And He summoned no angels to help Him.
It was the plotters day.

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