Friday, April 17, 2009


My oldest son is turning 19 in a few days. While he was growing up, teachers made me feel that he wasn't up to snuff and that his future looked grim. He was even diagnosed with a form of autism. Well, he fooled them. All of a sudden something inside him came together and his marks began to soar.
Never give up on your kids. They can and will surprise you.

We envy all your carefree ways
Your laughter and your smile
You never seem to worry much
And go the extra mile.
And if your mother's worried
You take the time to say
That everything will turn out right
In perhaps another way.
Though you're an ordinary fellow
You never think to quit
You anticipate the future
And all that’s good in it.
We wouldn't change the way you are
You are the finest ever sent.
You make the best of each new day
For this we are content.

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